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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 5, 2011 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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next, and context and perspective on the news. i will see you tonight for the follow report. until then have a great afternoon. >>neil: stocks up as america prepares to pony up. the dow up 170 early amid reports over talk of another bailout for europe, but the leaders of germany and france have a new set of rules to keep the spending in check but the investment rating firm of s&p 500 not so sure, ready to put france and germany's aaa prized rating on review for possible down grade. will it be the u.s. to the rescue? take a listen to this exchange between vice president biden and the president of greece.
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(inaudible). >> to be fair the vice president may have been joking. but it is no joke for taxpayer because it will cost $124 billion for those kicking in for bailout and since we kick to the most to the international monetary fund conservative tab is $40 million for the united states, any wonder we have seen headlines like these in europe. obama is top dog again. obama, back to the stop of a global list. obama now changed himself. another win for the obama doctrine. obama, walks on water. just joking. seeing if you are keeping up with me. you get the picture. he is a rock star. any wonder the guy who likes to call himself a citizen of the world is now the world's favorite citizen? and friend. john brown said what the world is really saying is america's
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money is its friend. the former member of the u.k. parliament is with us. what do you make of this? >>guest: well first of all, obama is extremely el queen and persuasive but the fact is the multiculturallists and he is green until the people realize the costs are, and he is a socialist which sounds great but it is really all about government control. and it kills enterprise. and the west, unfortunately, is drunk on socialism. women want more easy money. >>neil: the president might quibble with the socialest label but i know without coming from, he is big on big government. but the view that the united states will help in anything that supports big government efforts to shore up their bangs, what do you think? >>guest: yes, absolutely spot on. the crucial thing of this whole thing is the banking system and
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the central banking system. major banks in the world in america and in europe are insolvent and major governments are insolvent and just are being recognized. the s&p are going to realize, so the whole system which is key to the central banking fraud is at wreck. and, so they will do anything to salvage it and of course it means more liquidity but that does not solve solvency. so they would have to pump more and more money. this is ma'am project transfer of wealth from a tax-paying middle class to the state and that money is geared up or leave it up, by printing and leverage up, again, in the banking system, to just push this problem down a road and it is all about control. political control if you look what is going through congress at this minute, the new national
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defense act which includes imprisoning american citizens without trial or a charge. appalling measures of control all thing well, if this financial thing breaks down, it will be riding on the street maybe inconveneent people will be labels as terrorist threats and put away. >>imus: obviously we invest and support europe because we are afraid of the ramifications if we do not as we had talk of the bailout of 9 banks in 2008 because we feared the alternative. but, now, we have gone from too-big-to-fail to too many to ignore so we have extended this as a country. you fear that is, at best, a slippery slope. >>guest: it is actually like a grand canyon, a vertical drop. when big countries start to lose their rating, like france and
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germany, the euro is over. and the united states, the rating agencies we're talking about, if the super competent fails, they would downgrade, and none of them have yet, but they have talked about it and they are behind the game as they were with the real estate fiasco because they dare not downgrade because of political pressures. look what happened to s&p, every government in the world --. >>neil: can you imagine what they do now if s&p follows through on a downgrade all way up to germany the world's economic matter. >>guest: they are too frightened to face reality and the whole system is under threat so they will do anything to bring on the smoke and mirrors to stock market citizens seeing the reality. you last week had a guest talking about the trampling of democracy in europe. >>imus: at least you are in florida so there is that.
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good to see you john brown. thank you very much. from citizen of the world to, maybe, carter resolution wrecked, republicans are trying. >> we lost our ambition and imagination. >> you go to a bank and use the a.t.m. you do not use a teller. >> all the legislators in the world cannot fix what is wrong with america. >> the company got soft. >> these changes did not happen overnight. >> change cannot happen overnight. >> what can we do? >> what can we do? >> we have been a little bit lazy. lazy. lazy. lazy. >> when this next fine fellow sees that malaise in any form,
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he gets angry and i'm sitting across from him so it is not a good combination we have pat caddell not one bit impressed. >>guest: i thought it was cheap. cheesy ad to tell you the truth. first of all, everything is out of context, the two presidents what they are doing, i want to tell you this is the problem of the political class speaking to it self. trying to tell people that obama is carter is ridiculous because they cannot make the narrative they need about obama and that is about issues going on now. this is a bunch of people sitting in washington and that would be clever because we would get it. >>neil: but it is not the first right to draw parallel between presidency. >>guest: that is an argument but to try to jam that together does not work. much better what is going on right now in europe because what everyone in the press has missed, to my opinion, last week
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the re-election of president obama the campaign has been in europe the past week spending two days last week at the white house, meaning with europeans around-the-clock, and he has geithner over there, and he has biden there so we will bail them out. anything to keep off what they are terrifying of, if europe slips, we are going to slip and he is gone and that is where the real re-election battle is taking place. >> but them criticize him for kowtowing to the youngs, right? >>guest: i -- the question is going to be how much are we going to pay already? we are finding out, now, the author of how much the bailouts really cost, the country believed they were just furious at the level of bailouts if they knew how big the fed bailout was both american and european bangs people would be in the streets and it would not be occupy wall street they would be there with
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pitch forks. the fact is this notion we are going to do whatever i takes to bail them out, somebody better stop and ask the american people, i will not get into the american strategy. if we don't the administration fears . >>guest: it is over. the question is is, is that our responsibility? i am just saying, is it a political issue? >>neil: you don't think that is carter-esque? the president said she overwhelmed, the poll numbers similar. >>guest: the difference is that i'm convinced this administration is preparing to for whatever is necessary to get re-elected at all costs. and i can tell you jimmy carter wasn't which was painful for some of us trying to give him at vice l is a real difference. must -- i think the president is
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both tone deaf to the american people. he wants to get re-elected. his narrative is not working and the republicans can not make a counter narrative whether it is debt. we are going down the drain and we cannot solve our problem. >>neil: they are trying to say he is the guy at helm. >>guest: but they are saying we will present you the money to give you to hold up whatever it costs we will do it to the fed, the i.m.f., whatever. and i am not sure that will save europe but when someone tells the american people and asks them if they are in favor, all hell will break loss. >>neil: will the president be relative elected? >>guest: it stabilized, if europe goes we go, too, in terms of a recession and he cannot -- no, no, no, another recession,
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it's over. i'm just saying that is to get the level playering field. >>neil: if anyone says the word malaise do you punch them? >>guest: i want to. we never used that word. i would never punch you. you made the point. >>neil: carter never said that word and never mentioned or wrote it. it is the press' doing. once again, the evil press. >>neil: the man who single-handedly brought jimmy carter down. >>guest: i get blame for everything. i will take it. >>neil: the governor says president obama is happy with second class status of the united states, according to governor daniels who will be my guest at 6:00. and now, in place of paying a.t.m. fees what do you now have to do with a new choice. get technology they love,
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>>neil: paying a.t.m. fees, sitting through commercials. now, neither is anyone's favorite, but my guest says you would be willing to face an ad rather than $3 charge. the man behind free a.t.m. new york, jones -- joins me. you can avoid the fee if you watch the commercial? >>guest: absolutely. the way we offer our services for free to the public is through third party advertisers so a customer sees on the screen advertising on the screen of the a.t.m. before they begin the transaction and they will type in how much money they would like and whether they would like a receipt and at that point when the transaction says please wait we can show an advertisement in the middle of that transaction right then so rather than seeing
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"we are processing," they can have an ad. the temperature we have just shows the advertisements and it takes no longer than for your bank to process the transaction that we showed advertisement so we do not hold you up. >>neil: i remember when theaters started showing commercials and i thought my ticket price would go down but it ticked off. i find it annoying, say the movie starts at 2:00, it actually starts at 3:00 with all of the commercials. i'm exaggerating but how do you know you just unleash add new commercial opportunity, but it isn't going to be a choice people will be stuck. >>guest: we have one option, which is to have the commercial played during the waiting period. which takes no longer than to normally process. >>imus: what if you are in a high crime area? >>guest: we did not put our machines in high crime area.
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our concern is we want do make sure that the advertisements are in the transaction processing time, 10 to 15 seconds or less, it depends on how long your bank takes to respond. >>neil: we talk about manhattan. and i am usually behind the person who is pressing this, and usually my wife, taking a while, and i am saying, this person is going to watch a commercial, better, i'm going to strangle them. >>guest: as i said as of right now the commercials take for longer than to process a transaction and right now customer dozen not have the option to avoid the mel or . >>neil: but what if your studies found if they could wait or they would catch it >>guest: people would rather watch the commercial and avoid
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the fee especially when there is no additional transaction time. what we are looking at is an obligation where people can actually pay a fee versus avoid the transaction and part of the fee and organizes will see if you can donate. it could be complicated but we are doing a good service for the community and offering . >>neil: do you feel guilty when you go by times square and there are lines of people waiting to see the 15 second spot? >>guest: our transaction time takes no more time than the trance to process so if you waiting it is not because of our advertising but the processing time. >>neil: but it would be double jeopardy if it was after cnn? >>guest: we make sure our ads are targeted at the location they set up. >>neil: interesting idea we will see what happens. the whole world is going this route. >>guest: we have been
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approached by a number of strategic partners interested in having this in their locations and a number of different advertisers including in the location at the knitting factory, that is a concert hall or venue so we have signed on a specialty beer, a national specy beer. it takes to longer than the regular transaction, so it will not take longer. >>neil: you are good. coming to an a.t.m. near you. newt has the mojo but it is a no go in one key area, if the donald cannot help him today, can herman help him tomorrow?
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>>neil: newt gingrich surging in the polls but in one key area he is still trailing, likability. is he liked. in iowa, although he is first in the general polls he is ofth in likability. herman cain was running third. can herman help out newt in this area? the pollster extraordinaire and best selling author, what do you think? >>guest: i'm not surprised about the like bit. no one has ever found him warm and cuddly and over the 20 or 30 years in politics, it is always been the intelligent or intelligence. americans want someone to have a pier with or to play pool with. in 2012 with 9 percent
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unemployment, people afraid of the future, concerned about so many issues, likableness matters less. they want solutions and something that can happen. herman cain the post likable candidate until this stuff around him, but i don't think that one candidate's likability transitioned to someone else even if they endorse him. >>neil: do you think, then, if you are gingrich, and you are the knox know, whoever you choose as your running mate, he on she should be very high in like ability. >>guest: you want a contrast but not highlighting a weakness. i see three great vice president nominees regardless if it is gingrich or romney. rubio, of florida, and paul ryan, wisconsin congressman, author of the republican budget,
1:25 pm
very smart, very effective, and, the senator portman from ohio, a little bit more moderate but held every important job and having done them well. any of those would balance off a romney or gingrich ticket. >>neil: when you look back in the history in a lost the debates it is not such the substance that matters who comes off as likable, or someone to have a beer with, how bush would best al gore or john kerry but the polls got him better on the substance but he was more likable, how do republicans get an the issue of gingrich, genius and maybe historian as he reminds us, but this is a big achilles' heel. >>guest: actually, it will be a challenge for both. romney has a great record as governor.
1:26 pm
and a very strong business career at one of the best we have ever seen in modern politics. yet no one gives him creditor it and they don't give him crit for being stable in his presentations. if gingrich has not won the debate it is romney, if romney does not win it is gingrich, so both of them are effective. one has for wonder why neither have cut through and does it meat in 2012? i don't think it does in this cycle. >>neil: so trump today gingrich, why is that important? >>guest: i don't think he kissed his ring but another part of his anatomy. on your show i made a $10,000 bet that he would not run for president. >>neil: did i take you up? >>guest: you didn't but we put it out for trump and i see him as a wedding of steve wynn from
1:27 pm
las vegas and he looks me in the head and says take your bet back i'm running, take it to the bank, frank, i'm running. and he did not run. i don't know why people kiss his ... posterior. >>neil: you argue that net of them are liable. >>guest: obama is the most likable, with 65 percent personal favorability, everyone likes him as a person, as a father, as a husband. >>neil: does that matter in a dire economy where it looks dicey? would you be more inclined to support the guy you may not like but you trust will get the job did? >>guest: at 6 percent unemployment rate i am voting for the person i want to see in my living room at 9 percent i vote for the person who can take that to 6 percent.
1:28 pm
>>neil: very interesting. even i understood that. so you are not interested in ever appearing on any future "apprentice." >>guest: i would be the if inventories look at him and say, no, donald, you are fired. >>neil: that should go well. that membership request to the trump golf course in virginia, that off now. frank luntz always good to see you. get ready for sky-high air fares and greecing -- greasing the skid.
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>>neil: you do not want to be on the receiving end of an s&p downgrade or even on a negativity watch list, but that is exactly what the folks at s&p have done to italy, portugal, estonia and look at negative implications, a preclude some say to a downgrade in debt the same day we have had heard they could be looking on to put on a negative watch list a precursor to a downgrade, france, up to germany. germany, by the way, is the only country that fits all the euro rules. in other words, to be a member of that club germany is the only country that meets the criteria so if you downgrade germany, and
1:33 pm
that has not been done but these are second tier countries no offense to the belgiums but it sets the stage for that. reaction now from republican senator lugar. senator what do you think of that? >>guest: very serious. and it comes right before the december 8 and december 9 meeting which the europeans statesman will meet and, perhaps, have a plan that takes away a lot of the sovereignty for spending, for budgets, from all the 17 countries. however, the reaction would be the republicans of that country apart from the leaders, still to be seen but essentially the idea is that there has to be a discipline that makes each of the countries spend less that has less of a social safety net for their population and a lot of unpopular things but the hope is that somehow this could stabilize the whole business. >>neil: not before the reper comes out of the judgment bottle and we hear germany and france
1:34 pm
have been added to the 15 european nations on review for possible downgrade. so the ratings put up a list of countries wore not maintaining the ratings they have at the current rate in the case of germany and france, it is triple a, and if they continue at this pace they will not keep triple a, although they are not downgraded yet. just that they will not stay. explain. the bottom line if they come down, then what? >>guest: well, all of the countries could fail in europe and the call will likely come out stronger for the united states to come to the rescue. >>neil: but we have already been downgraded and we would be downgraded more. >>guest: the response is there has been very little consideration on the part of the
1:35 pm
congress or even discuss with the president, or what have you, as to what this means for banks in the united states. for our recession. in other words, for the time being, america has stood aloft and said, this is too bad, the europeans are doing so badly, but, if you talk to bankers in our country, they have billions of investment. >>neil: if you were president you would be slow to quit this, still be part of the i.m.f. and still offer money if and when europe needs it. >>guest: i would like to see some discussion of this opposed to an administration judgment that we put money through the i.m.f. into europe because that will just the beginning, i'm afraid. >>imus: bewelcome look like a joke the you have been critical of how we handle our energy, the pipeline debacle saying we are missing a golden opportunity to
1:36 pm
shore up our energy interests. >>guest: well, that is a very different situation. we talking about jobs in america, and investment of a canadian firm of $7 billion now. >>neil: beggars can't be choosers. >>guest: this is a balance of payment situation and the ability to export more refined products. and the president had a group of people around the white house two weeks ago and he found a convenience to do it in 20 13 but we have a bill to do it next month. if you get back to the europes, the implications have not come through, we are constantly --. >>neil: will we get through the next year? >>guest: i don't think so.
1:37 pm
this is a serious discussion that has to occur now. all i am saying is, in the event you have a debacle in europe that undermines our banks and creates a further recession we are going do lose jobs in this country. and we will lose them because of the european situation. so, we better talk about that now as to what we will do all about it. >>neil: vice president biden in greece today telling the cash strapped country we are ready to help. and my guest is making sure that does not mean tax money, a republican congressman from the fine state of texas. congressman, you might have heard the senator say be very careful here because this could slip out-of-control and europe could fall out of debt and our bank could fall out of debt and you have another potential
1:38 pm
meltdown. >>guest: you do. the vice presidents us to be fried, and the senator is right, we have not discussed this but one of the things that is very clear when you have nations who have been going through socialist policies year after year and for the last frye years we have been following along behind europe, and now we see them about to fall off a cliff and you have geithner and the president wanting to jump off the cliff with them it is not a good idea. the best thing we can do for the europe economy is to cut spending, raise our own downgrade back up to where it should be, an a+ rating and stay here. >>neil: would you be risking, you know, things getting worse in europe, s&p has said it does expect a mild recession in europe and it could last longer than we think because of the
1:39 pm
debacle, in doubt. should we have any roll in helping out because it will boomerang? >>guest: canada has been helping us because they got responsible before we did with their spending. >>neil: you would not help? >>guest: no, no, no, and in fact, it makes me wonder if we need ron paul for the federal remember chairman. or secretary of the truery with this kind of idea. >>neil: it is safe to say that won't happen. >>guest: if we would cut spending even if it means staying here until president obama comes back from vacation we ought to stay here and get it done and that will be more help to the world when we get our financial business this shape than anything else. >>neil:, and always gook to see you, congressman.
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you look very nice. >>guest: i am going to the president's party tonight. >>neil: you look nice. think you are packed in already? just you wait i'd race down that hill without a helmet.
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>>neil: and the parent of american airlines slashing the number of seats available to flying public next year which will send the picket prices soaring. soon. air fare watchers on the hikes ahead. what are we looking at? >>guest: american is just trying to make their system mean, lean, and a flying machine. cutting back on plights. certain routes and cutting back on the airplanes when they get rid of contracts and leases they have. and they are just going to downsize. we snow one market, boise to los angeles will go away, but when you look at 17 nonstop flights
1:44 pm
from dallas to los angeles each day, if they take two or three of those out, tell me which flight number is missing? i don't know. 15 to la guardia nonstop and the hub cities will see most of the flight downsizings. but it will be on the major routes where they are running 10 or 15 or 20 flight as day. >>neil: the other carriers are trying to keep off bankruptcy filings and they will consider the same, right? >>guest: well, everyone was tug about downsizing. we will see downsizing between air tran and southwest this year. we know that southwest is going to pull cities like atlantic city and newport news, and who knows what other cities on the route system, dallas-ft. worth they will quit in january. but, over all, if you are going to buy in 2012, wait for the air fare sales. the only one we have until may
1:45 pm
is marvin america and they are aggressive from new york to los angeles, $318 but outside the sale period you may pay $400 or $500 and the same thing with southwest. tomorrow is the big sale day we should see them running up to manner. booking for april or may, hang in there, they will have sales but do not bite yet. so, if you live in the sale periods, if you are a leisure travel you can still fly around reasonable and if you are a business traveler whose did not make up his mine until the day before, you will probably pay premium bucks into 2012. >>neil: i hear from people who are frantic that especially in light of the bankruptcy filing, saying you were booked on one of the many hops from, say, dallas to another prominent city and now you are down to no seats and
1:46 pm
you lose your site because there are less seats. >>guest: we go into the winter season if you booked a flight two or three months ago, you should keep checking that flight. because there is a good chance they will change the flight times and what we call the waves and, therefore if they make the chains the airlines may reaccommodate you on a flight you don't want. if they change the flight by five or 10 or 15 minutes you could get on the horn and ask the airlines to put them open the flights you want. >>neil: what if they wipe the flight and that plight is no more. >>guest: then american still has, they have an agreement with united and american and delta. you have to pick up the horn and call someone and tell them your situation and you have two choices, you can be entitled to 100 percent of your cash back and rebook or they can put you on another carrier no cost to you. >>neil: we will see. thank you.
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>>neil: cash is what it comes down to. newt will need a lost it to battle pelosi vowing to dish out the dirt if he becomes the republican nominee. pelosi quoted as saying one of these days well have a conversation about gingrich when the time is right. i know a lot about him. i served on the investigative committee that investigated him. four of us locked in a room in an undisclosed locations for a year and 1,000 pages. how can this shake up the race.
1:51 pm
is that confidential stuff or is it open? >>guest: it is absolutely confidential, let he tell you about this i covered it when it happened when he became speaker he was the target of an ethics complaint by democrat whose say he violated tax laws when he did a videotape college course designed to gather political support using tax-exempt funds and there was a long investigation and that is what she is referring to and gingrich admitted to not seeking enough legal advice before doing it, and paid $300,000 and it was referred to the i.r.s. and they did an investigation and two or three years after nobody cares the i.r.s. vindicated him and said he did not break any laws in doing what he did. >>neil: so like the old labor secretary exonerated on 20 counts. having said that what are the employ indications and whether democrats are lying in wait for gingrich if he were to become the nominee?
1:52 pm
>>guest: shows they absolutely are and you would expect that. gingrich has a history on capitol hill and a lot of democratic enemies and he has republican enemies, too, and they did a lost fighting back if those years, and there is no doubted that if gingrich were to move ahead and become the republican nominee a lot of that stuff would come out. >>neil: what can we look forward to? more or less if romney looked like the nominee? or democrats still hedging their bets? >> we know more about what democrats would do with romney. we know the whole health care thing in massachusetts, we know the flip-flop on abortion, we know statements about gun control or cap and trade and various other things, and with gingrich there is just a longer more spectacular public life than with romney. he was a back bencher for a long time, and became rather prominent republican, and engineered the stunning victory in 1994 when house republicans
1:53 pm
ended the 40 years of democratic rule and so there is a lot of history. >>neil: is he a guy who can win, or if democrats hope it is newt just as carter backers hoped it would be ronald reagan over george bush sr. who won in iowa because on time bush sr. was harder to beat than ronald reagan, could they be putting their "we can beat them best," on the wrong guy. >>guest: the polls show that most republicans think romney is more electable than gingrich. but we would have to see what actually happens in this case. gingrich has surprised everybody with his discipline although he said a couple off message things in the last couple of days daysd he surprised everybody with running a positive campaign and with a lot of discipline and speaking to a lot of republicans in south carolina and iowa that
1:54 pm
stuff from the 1990's is just not sticking. they could be concerned about thing he did after he left congress, accusations of loaning and the like, but the stuff from the no -- from the 1990's when the democrats were going after him they do not care. >>neil: we will get into this tomorrow with romney, our special guest at 4:00 p.m. eastern, with all the developments on conta and the gingrich phenomenon a lot to get into. did you hear the one about the greek president who lectured the u.s. vice president? and what the u.s. vice president says to the greek president after he did? say it ain't so, joe!
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♪ ♪ >> neil: well, say it saint so, joe. say you did not say to greek president that we are ready to stand beside all greeks, because that's all greek to american taxpayers. many of whom have seen the
1:58 pm
systemic undoing of one socialist cradle to grave european basket case after another and rightly concluded so many ticks. when i hear joe say we are standing there ready to help, the greeks are hearing we are standing with money to spend. news flash, we are not. mainly because we are spent. maybe vice president joe biden was being nice but right now the greeks are pretty desperate. when joe offered support who can blame a wobbly greek president to claim as he did, that means american financial report. beware of greeks bearing gifts they do not ask. they are saddling you with the bills they are telling you they cannot pay. i'm not saying joe shouldn't be saying that, but he has to be careful because greeks have to pick itself. it doesn't mean we don't marvel at the cradle of civilization, but we remind
1:59 pm
the country that is that we are in no rush to make america the latest craze of civilization. few civilizations fared long paying for empires they could not afford, let alone getting others for those they shouldn't from tried. great umpires don't die because they rub out of ideas. the real dirty secret on this is usually great umpires die because they just run out of cash. it's truement an hour from now on the fox business network, one of the folks interested in this development and fearful that republicans aren't doing enough to respond to it. republican governor worrying the administration is pushing us closer to greece. indiana governor mitch daniels on fox business network. this just in, former vice president dan quayle will be endorsing mitt romney tomorrow for the presidency of the united states. mitt romney will be here talking about that and so much more. pick apart a campaign that little more tn


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